The world is full of rooms and each room has a specific purpose

We can talk about a „room” in terms of its location, color or material, and the way it is set up. But what exactly is meant when we talk about a „room”?

This room isn’t just our own bedroom. A „room” can also be your work area at home, your office space or your living space. Your living room can also be called as a „bedroom”. When you are reading this book on Medium then you’re probably thinking, how does that make sense? Well if you are doing research then it becomes clear that what I am talking about is your living space and not youra

In addition, you can make your home more productive by making it as convenient as possible by rearranging furniture, wallpaper, curtains and so on.

For a new parent, the room becomes a place of major importance. The room needs to be clean and ready for their baby. The furniture needs to match the decor of the room, have enough space for all the members of the family and be easy to clean. With these in mind, there is room for improvement.