The house or apartment is a very important building

As the room is the most crucial part of this building, it should be designed in such a way that a person can have enough space to feel comfortable and rest.

We can see that there are many different rooms in our house. Some rooms are very small and we cannot fit all of them in one area. Other rooms do not have a window or need to be painted or decorated every year or month. In some cases, the room has no furniture at all – just some wood on the wall and an open space in front of that. We need to consider what kind of furniture we will have in our room when we move into it and whether it will be more comfortable for us to live there then the other areas.

If you remember from school, colors often represent feelings like joy, sadness, happiness and anger. Each color is represented by a different number from 0-9 – 0 feeling colors.

In some rooms, the light from a single window is sufficient to make it look as if there are many windows. For example: a bedroom in which there are two or three windows. In other rooms, the use of curtains and other elements can create a completely different feel and atmosphere.