Since time immemorial, humans have had the power to shape and reshape the world around them

They have always done so. This is true even today, when we are still able to see and feel the effect of our actions in our surroundings.

Room is a digital platform designed for homeowners that allows them to decorate their homes in a way that makes it more comfortable, inspiring and enjoyable. It allows you to create a vision for your home using images, objects or phrases. The room will be furnished with everything needed for your holidays: furniture and accessories that match the theme you chose at first thought; potted plants; wallpaper or carpetings from various shades of color; some bookshelves and storage space are always welcome; some hooks and shelves can be added; lamps can be added or changed.

Room is a house. It doesn’t look like a house from the outside, and it does not feel like one. It’s a place where we live and work with our families and friends.

This section explains about room as house, and room as home. This helps to understand why people would want to „own” their rooms when starting their lives as homeowners, instead of renting or living with other people in a house.

This section looks at different aspects of room from furniture to decoration to space planning to planning your life in the room when you are not there in it anymore. This helps us understand that the interior design of the rooms is just one part of the total idea behind choosing a room for yourself.

The room is the most important part of every house. This is why it needs to be treated with care and attention. In a home, it has the ability to affect the entire atmosphere and mood within a house.

When we think of writing, we tend to think of words on paper or on screen and in this context, „room” is what’s really important. It’s right here where we all spend time: at home, in school or even in our office for long periods of time. It’s also where our clothes are most likely to get dirty.