Room is the most important room in a house

The function of a room has to be understood from a functional perspective. Things that we need in order to live and spend time here (e.g., bed, table, chair, books) – they have to be available and accessible at all times while we are inside the room, or else our stay would not be as pleasant as it should have been.

This is a room in your house. It has a door, it has curtains and windows, it smells the same way as outside, everything is the same colour and there are many more things that you can leave in this room.

This section is a little bit different from the previous ones. It’s an introduction to the room and its contents

A person’s bedroom is a place where he or she lives from time to time. The bedroom provides one’s living space, privacy and comfort. When you sleep in your own bed, you feel secure about sleeping under your own roof for the night. However, many people have not yet completely come to terms with their bedrooms as it relates to their home and family life. The doors of the bedroom are not always open for someone else to see what you are doing when no one is around.