Room is a very important space in any house

It’s the place where your family, children and pets spend a lot of time. It’s also the place where you spend most of your free time. But if you think about it, there are certain rooms which are not very useful. Like one could just use one bedroom as a bedroom, while another room could be used for everyday needs like eating, sleeping or studying. More than that, this situation is becoming more and more common in modern households as well.

Room is a furniture for living in a house. It is an important part of the house, which needs to be taken care of properly. It also includes the kitchen and bathroom.

Room can be divided into three sections; the space, the social space and the physical space. For example, a room in a large building may have a ceiling with different heights and different colors; there could be an open or closed door between two rooms; there could be an open or closed stairway connecting two floors; there could be electronic devices in each room connecting with other devices on other floors etc.