Room is a space in a house. It is where people live and work

Room can be used for different purposes like living rooms, bedrooms and study rooms.

Room is mostly a language (a set of instructions or instructions) but not always a room, even if it follows the room language. For example, in English, we usually have the word “bedroom” but it would be better to use “living room” instead as “living room” might sound too dead sexy to use as an adjective or as a noun! Sometimes we may also use the plural form of bedroom (rooms) to avoid ambiguity while using singular bedroom as an adjective or noun.

The room is a crucial part of any home. It is where we spend a lot of time, whether at home or out with our friends and family. The room can be the space where you look down on your wife/husband or children in their bedroom, the place that you see when you’re sitting down to eat dinner, or the place where you are when watching TV.

The idea behind room design is that it should reflect the personality of the client and it should be the place where he/she feels comfortable.