Although we can find this in a lot of rooms, the importance of the room is not fully understood

What it is for? Why do we need it? Can a house be perfectly fit for one family alone?

Apart from being affordable, the article also explains how important room design and architecture are to people. And that by understanding this, you can ensure that your house actually reflects your personality and values.

„Room” has been played a great deal in the past few years. In the film „Room” the characters are trapped in a room for days on end by their captors, for no reason other than to make us think about our own experiences of being locked up in rooms.

Although we can’t possibly experience all the rooms one could possibly live in, we can try to imagine how it might feel to live in several different rooms.

Room is the most important part of our living space. It should be the place that we spend most of our time in and it can be the room where we spend most of our energy.

In a very practical sense, this section features the house as it is defined by its architecture and basic functionality. This section should also reflect more on how families find themselves comfortable with their homes.